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Too often the interpretation of the intent of our Constitution ignores the changes which have occurred in our country since 1776, and which require significant debate and practical solutions. Responsible amendments are needed to apply the constitutional principles to our modern society.

The money from special interest groups is influencing the information we are provided, resulting in social and economic control of our lives. The process of electing our government officials is in significant need of an overhaul in order for us to regain control and return to the systems which were envisioned by the creators of our Constitution.



Special interest groups must not be allowed to control the outcomes of our elections. Until meaningful reform to political campaigning and the election process is adopted, the results will continue to be bought and paid for.

The size of our government has  grown to impact the size of our economy. If we continue along this course, the massive, impending liabilities will negatively impact our future and, more importantly, the futures of our children and their children. 


No politician wants to be held responsible or accountable for the unsustainable growth in govern–ment. We must adopt incentives to address our problems. We cannot afford to ignore the inevitable and just continue business as usual in Washington.



Every government program is a jobs program. It is always inconvenient to make the difficult cost-cutting decisions that are required if we are to rid this country of wasteful inefficiencies.


The Republican Party is too far to the right, and the Democratic Party is too far to the left. The lack of effective leadership at all levels of government is causing total dysfunction and disservice to the voters, and compromise—described as bipartisanship—is nonexistent.


More often than not, mainstream media is influenced by political and economic forces that cause bias and a total lack of objectiveness of the subject being reported. The result is the public concludes a distorted perspective of the information and is unable to grasp an informed opinion.