An Introduction to The Armchair Pragmatist
by Author G. A. Beller   

Shortly after the great recession in 2008, I approached my long-time friend and mentor to be the source for a book. I envisioned the book would be similar to Mitch Albom’s best-selling novel Tuesday’s With Morrie. Since my friend is publicity shy and highly values his privacy,      he declined to be the subject of a book but I piqued his interest by suggesting the creation of this website to test his appetite for sharing his experiences and observations of life, economics, politics, and the use of common sense and good judgement which he had previously imparted to only a select few. Until such time that we may publish a book together, 

I hope this website will provide you with invaluable takeaways from the man I call AC - The Armchair Pragmatist.  

AC is an anomaly… When it comes to analyzing a problem and finding the most practical solution, you will find him sitting in his armchair asking the right questions.

Possesses an acute ability to read between the lines…  AC will abstract from what is being said and interpret the actual intention. He is primarily a skeptic, doubtful until he has examined information thoroughly and reached a satisfactory conclusion. This thought process has served him well, and has also served those who have heard and benefited from AC’s interpretations.  
The ultimate pragmatist…  AC   
takes a practical, and straightforward approach to problems. His pragmatic views stem from a comprehensive organization of knowledge, which comes from his vast experience.


An independent thinker…  AC 
consistently challenges conventional wisdom and prompts intellectual thought. He is committed to offering an unfiltered interpretation of issues that will hopefully provide a resource for an informed opinion.
Some of the most intelligent people I know are so opinionated in their beliefs they refuse to expand their information base beyond those sources which support their own opinions. To those individuals, I have nothing to offer.                                                                                                                                                              — AC
Always generous with his time… AC has a strong desire to mentor young talent. He finds overwhelming pleasure in helping to cultivate their abilities and in  watching them leave the nest to establish their own enterprises. Their success is his most prized reward.
AC has invested in and raised funds for dozens of my business ventures. Our many discussions and AC's unselfish allocation of time have enabled me to have a successful and lucrative career. 
Presents pragmatic perspectives void of outside influence… When it relates to political issues, which often include social and economic proposals, AC reaches beyond the mainstream media, taking a practical approach to assessing the validity of a proposition. Special interests may control our politicians, our media, and our educational system, but political correctness does not sway AC, nor the writings produced on this site. 


Adjective: Dealing with things sensibly and realistically in a way that is based on practical rather than theoretical considerations.

AC is much more than just an investor and sage advisor. He is the person that I most admire.                                                                  G. A. Beller *

I hope to be remembered as a man of good character who always did  everything I said I would.

                                                — AC



An opinion is neither right nor wrong until it is proven to be a fact.
                                                                  — AC


The journey is often more rewarding than reaching the destination,
and setting the bar higher with each achievement allows the journey to continue indefinitely.
— AC        
We do not expect our readers
to agree with all our views. 
In fact, we encourage responses that challenge our perspective. Without this approach, we are not embracing pragmatism.   

The Armchair PragmatistTM




* G. A. Beller is managing principal of G. Anton Companies, LLC, and founder and president of ECI       Investment Advisors, Inc.  He is a freelance political writer, author, and literary advisor.